Rehabilitation Center - Terme di Casciana Tuscany

The Rehabilitation Center

The Institute of Motor Rehabilitation at the Terme di Casciana has always been in the forefront of the national scene in terms of thermal treatment.

Accredited by the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale as a one of the most important rehabilitation  center, it is extremely active in the field of restoring the functions of the whole motor apparatus.

Highly professional physical and rehabilitation therapists are every day at work in the gyms and thermal baths, with such positive results that the Tuscan Region has entrusted them with realizing a project for the recuperation of patients with artificial limbs.

A large indoor thermal pool, a vascular course and four specially equipped gymnasiums surround the living quarters where clients can stay in full pension with the appropriate services.

The Institute of Motor Rehabilitation also caters for numerous clients from private hotels around the perimeter of the Baths as well as day clients arriving by their own means of transport.

Information and Bookings

BAGNI DI CASCIANA S.r.l. - Piazza Garibaldi, 9 - 56034 Casciana Terme (PI) - Tel. +39 0587 64461 - Fax +39 0587 644629
P.IVA e Cod. Fisc. 0165072 050 9 -

Rehabilitation Center - Terme di Casciana Tuscany