Gran caffè delle Terme

An elegant place to spend your free time

Gran Caffè delle Terme is an elegant café where you can relax with a cup of coffee or a cocktail. The
perfect place to enjoy a quiet moment in this charming and welcoming small town.
Built in 1823 inside the first spa, it was fitted back into the new spa built in 1870.

You can still admire its precious frescoes where the neoclassical style meets Art Nouveau. A fabulous
display of paintings that will give you a taste of the atmospheres and charms experienced by the
greatest contemporary Italian poets. Furnished with period pieces, Gran Caffè delle Terme is a
captivating setting and a natural stage that will take you back in time.

The restaurant at Gran Caffè delle Terme has a rich and enticing menu and a prestigious wine list. It
serves only the most precious and delicious, rigorously seasonal local foods, all of which makes for a
meal that will be a pleasure that is unforgettable.

Info and Reservations phone +39 0587 644603

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