Treatments connected to the different pathologies

Both electrotherapy and physiotherapy are available in the thermal bath and in the gyms of the Rehabilitation Centre at Terme di Casciana.
Available treatments depend on the pathology, such as:

Orthopaedic conditions

Our Rehabilitation Centre can treat all types of orthopaedic impairments.
The rehabilitation programme is specifically planned by a physiatrist to improve the patients’ health and social relations, and help them get back to work.
Treatments include motorial rehabilitation in the gym, combined with rehabilitation in the thermal bath and technological treatments, such as Tecar, electro-stimulation, laser, etc…

A specific back pain programme has been developed to treat spinal conditions using the Mézierès rehabilitation programme in the gym and thermal rehabilitation in the pool.
The combination of physical exercise led by a physiotherapist in the gym and in the balneotherapy pool, optionally available on a one-to-one basis, remarkably improves the patients’ health.

Great importance is attached to posture exercises in the gym, under the careful supervision of a physiotherapist who customises, monitors and guides the rehabilitation programme, but the most outstanding feature of the course is that it makes the most of the anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties of the hot springs, with the therapist going into the pool to guide the TRX exercises.

The therapeutic programme includes 60-minute gym and pool sessions and can be implemented every day or, if considered too intensive, just two or three times a week.

Neurological disorders (Parkinson’s disease)

The rehabilitation programme consists of 15 sessions, twice a week, and includes 60-minute motorial rehabilitation sessions in the gym and 30-minute speech therapy sessions.

The purpose of the rehabilitation programme is to provide patients with strategies that can help replace and compensate those daily gestures that they are finding difficult to perform.
Gym sessions include movement exercises, re-education in walking, and building self-confidence in social relations.

The speech therapy programme incudes articulation of all the muscles of the lips, tongue, cheeks, etc…
Specific exercises to improve swallowing, phonation and reading are available too.

Respiratory diseases

Respiratory rehabilitation is prescribed to people suffering from chronic lung conditions (COPD), and the treatment involves regular exercises to improve the negative impact that a respiratory disease can have on the patient’s quality of life.

Other conditions, such as bronchial asthma, interstitial lung disease, etc., have been found to improve as a result.

A course of treatment includes 12 one-hour sessions, twice a week

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