Wellness Centre & Spa

The Wellness Centre is a cosy facility at the centre of the spa, with elegant, sophisticated and welcoming rooms where you can enjoy the benefits of any kind of massage and treatment.

Experienced, professional wellness operators are there to take care of your face and body with the pleasant feel of warm water, mud and oriental massages, setting your body, mind and soul in harmony with each other.

A stay at the Wellness Centre will offer you total relaxation and plenty of pampering with its many face and body treatments, such as mud masks, peelings, anti-ageing and anti-cellulite treatments, shiatsu massage, saunas, and much more, as recommended and performed by highly skilled staff.

The treatments inspired by eastern and western cultural traditions, the beauties of the countryside, the sounds, the flavours and the colours that surround you all help to regain a sense of well-being, so that you can return to the stresses of modern life with a lightened heart.

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